Estelle Opperman:
'n Pluimpie vir die man Gerrit Malan, Ons Webdesign gedoen deur hom en ons het nog nooit teruggekyk nie. Die design is so userfriendly en jy kan direk jou ding gaan doen. Dankie Gerrit jy is 'n puik Designer en ek beveel jou aan by almal. Groot dankie ook dat jy net ''n foonoproep ver is en jy help dadelik. Groete. Estelle.
D&S 24hour Towing Services:
A very big thank you for this website design. After sourcing for the package that would suit us we came accross Gerrit Malan. You made our work so easy now, this website is user friendly and easy to manage. Thank you for your quick response everytime when we need you. We are very impressed and I think we are going to have a long relationship. admin@ds24hourtowing.co.za.
Arline Williamson:
Thank You Thank You Thank You At last we found a website that works for us. I am amazed of how user friendly it really is.This do it yourself website is fun. You can change the look of your website weekly and the best of it is you do not need to pay any web designer. I was astonished with the whole set up the training and package that you get for the price you pay..in my eyes a real 'big bargain' without doubt YES the BEST value for money. Gerrit Malan YOU are a STAR..day or night never to busy to help Your patience unbelievable, always friendly, fresh good ideas MASTER of a plan. I am so grateful our paths crossed. You and Kwikweb are truly part of our RAFTERS family!!
Ruurd van der Wal:
Thanks a lot Gerrit for setting up SHECASA's website, it looks great! Your willingness to assist and support, whenever needed, is also appreciated ! SHECASA President. info@shecasa.co.za
Thinus Kilian Electrical:
Thanks a million for the help in creating a great website! After seeking help from multiple companies, we finally found someone willing to not only advise us, but set up the perfect website for us! Also thank you for helping us with our IT needs!!! :) admin@thinuskilian.co.za

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