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Take your business to the next marketing level by buying a fully responsive website design with unlimited pages, mobile friendly design & unlimited personalized email addresses, online shop, etc. with domain name registration (Worth over R5000) for only R2700 in the Pretoria and surrounding suburbs. Price includes Domain registration or transfer for a .co.za domain name. Easy to use self-editing system gives you the power to manage and edit the design of your website yourself without having any experience, like adding or removing new and old products and services, upload images etc. in your own time, no experience needed, it is as easy as Childs Play, 20 minutes of training included, excellent after sales service & support for when you need future help. For a obligation free demonstration in the comfort of your own home, Contact me: Gerrit Malan at 0814804149 (Phone & Whatsapp) or email me at Gerrit@diemoot.co.za and I will come to you, I work in most Pretoria and surrounding suburbs. a Website still is the best marketing tool there is.

Now we have a new feature, a whatsapp tab on your website that enables your clients

to send you a whatsapp message directly from your website



Domain Name Registrations :

We do registrations of all types of domain names and can also transfer your existing domain name.



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